I-805 North Express Lanes Project

Design is underway for a project that is an interim stage of the I-805 Managed Lanes North Project.  This project will add two auxiliary lanes, one in each direction between SR 52 and the Nobel Drive Interchange to improve the operational functionality of I-805 at the Governor Drive interchange.

The I-805 North Express Lanes Project covers a distance of approximately four miles, from just south of State Route 52 (SR 52) to just north of Mira Mesa Boulevard in the City of San Diego. The project will eventually widen the freeway to accommodate four Carpool/High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes from SR 52 to La Jolla Village Drive and two Carpool/HOV Lanes from La Jolla Village Drive to just north of Mira Mesa Boulevard.

The project will be completed in five stages. The first stage constructed two Carpool/HOV Lanes, allowing motorists to enjoy three and a half miles of continuous access along I-805 between SR 52 and Mira Mesa Boulevard, as well as a south-facing Direct Access Ramp (DAR) at Carroll Canyon Road. It opened to traffic in June 2016. 

The DAR allows carpools, vanpools, buses, motorcycles and solo drivers in permitted clean air vehicles to easily access the Carpool/HOV Lanes. The south-facing DAR connects to the north-facing DAR and Carroll Canyon Road extension bridge, which includes a new bike lane to improve travel between Sorrento Valley and Mira Mesa. In later stages, DARs will be constructed at Nobel Drive, which also includes a new Park & Ride lot on the southwest corner of I-805 and Nobel Drive to encourage carpooling and to provide bus transfers from a proposed Bus Rapid Transit facility.

Project plans also include reconfiguring the Governor Drive interchange by relocating the southbound entrance ramp to the northwest quadrant. This would minimize the conflict with southbound I-805 traffic merging onto SR 52. Lastly, the project includes a direct freeway-to-freeway Carpool/HOV connector in the median, from westbound SR 52 to northbound I-805 and southbound I-805 to eastbound SR 52.

New Transportation Choices

The I-805 North Project is an integral part of a modern, new transportation backbone that will meet the future needs of travelers in our region. Since I-805 opened in 1975, vehicle trips on the freeway have increased by 300 percent and are projected to increase in the future. As such, improvements are planned to provide commuters with new transportation options to reduce traffic and travel times along the I-805 corridor.

These improvements include the construction of Carpool/HOV Lanes, DARs to provide commuters direct access to the Carpool/HOV Lanes, and Park and Ride facilities, which will provide commuters with access to a planned Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System.

Improvements to I-805 will help accommodate the projected population and employment growth in the region by connecting employment and activity centers including offices, shopping, recreational facilities, communities, and schools. Improvements to I-805 also will help maintain and grow the region’s economy, through the enhanced movement of goods and services along a main transportation artery for the region.

Transportation Resources for the Golden Triangle

Several major transportation improvements projects are under construction or planned for the Golden Triangle area. To minimize impact to residents and commuters, SANDAG has partnered with Caltrans and others to provide a centralized source of information - ShiftSanDiego.com - to keep the public apprised of construction activities, traffic impacts, and alternative transportation choices in the area.

Project Funding

The estimated cost of the project is $587 million. Funding is expected to come from a combination of federal, state, and local programs, including TransNet, a half-cent sales tax for transportation projects.

Stage 1 (2013 - 2016)

Stage 1 opened to traffic in June 2016.  This stage consisted of one Carpool/HOV Lane in each direction, from just north of SR 52 to just north of Mira Mesa Boulevard and the south-facing DAR at Carroll Canyon Road. Bridge modifications at Mira Mesa Boulevard, Carroll Canyon Road, Rose Canyon, and Governor Drive also are part of Stage 1.

Stage 2-4 (Construction Start Date Pending Funding)

Stages 2 through 4 will construct the second Carpool/HOV Lane in the median from just north of SR 52 to just north of La Jolla Village Drive. Because the existing median cannot accommodate the second Carpool/HOV Lane, the outside lanes will be widened. Additionally, the Nobel Drive DAR and the Nobel Drive Park & Ride and Transit Station will be constructed, and the Governor Drive interchange will be reconfigured.

Stage 5 (Construction Start Date Pending Funding)

Stage 5 will construct a direct freeway to freeway Carpool/HOV connector in the median, from westbound SR 52 to northbound I-805 and southbound I-805 to eastbound SR 52, which will also accommodate travel in the reverse direction.

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