Carpool Lanes, Direct Access Ramp Now Open

More than ten miles of new Carpool/High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes and two Direct Access Ramps (DARs) have opened along the I-805 corridor. These improvements are part of the larger plan to create a 28-mile Express Lanes facility in the median of I-805 between SR 905 and I-5. The work is part of two projects: the I-805 HOV/Carroll Canyon Road Extension Project and the I-805 South Express Lanes Project.

Elements of the I-805 HOV/Carroll Canyon Road Extension Project include:

  • Constructing two miles of Carpool/HOV Lanes on I-805 from Carroll Canyon Road to the I-5/I-805 merge
  • Extending Carroll Canyon Road
  • Building a new Direct Access Ramp (DAR) at Carroll Canyon Road that provides immediate access to and from the Carpool/HOV Lanes on I-805
  • Adding a bus priority lane that will accommodate the future South Bay Rapid route
  • Creating a new access road for nearby businesses

Learn more about the I-805 HOV/Carroll Canyon Road Extension Project.

Elements of the I-805 South Express Lanes Project include:

  • Building nearly eight miles of Carpool/HOV Lanes from East Naples Street in Chula Vista to SR 94
  • Constructing a DAR, Transit Station and Park & Ride at East Palomar Street in Chula Vista that will provide new travel choices for commuters 
  • Improving the quality of life for nearby residents by constructing ten sound walls
  • Auxiliary lanes to accommodate the maneuvering of entering and exiting traffic

Learn more about the I-805 South Express Lanes Project.

Once completed, the I-805 Express Lanes project will create a 28-mile Express Lanes facility in the median of I-805 between SR 905 and I-5.


I-805 is one of the main backbones of mobility in the urban core of the San Diego region. It is a key north-south corridor that traverses the most heavily populated portion of the region. Average daily traffic (ADT) on I-805 ranges from 160,000 to 261,000 vehicles, with daily congestion lasting between two and four hours. ADT is expected to exceed 330,000 vehicles in 2030, with congestion lasting more than six hours.

Elements of the I-805 Express Lanes projects include:

  • Carpool/HOV Lanes in the median area
  • Direct access ramps for buses and other high occupancy vehicles
  • Direct freeway-to-freeway Carpool/HOV connectors
  • Retaining walls to minimize physical impacts to adjacent communities
  • Sound walls to reduce noise impacts

Project Functions

The I-805 Express Lanes projects will offer a premium level of service to transit users, ridesharers, and paying solo commuters during rush hours. Rapid and other bus services will operate in the Carpool/HOV Lanes, connecting transit riders to major regional employment centers in Downtown San Diego and Sorrento Valley.

The I-805 Corridor

I-805 serves some of the most heavily-populated communities and key employment centers in the region. It is also a critical corridor for international traffic – it begins less than one mile from the U.S.-Mexico border. I-805 provides access to South Bay cities, San Diego’s urban core, Mission Valley, Sorrento Valley, and the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station. It also connects to major east-west routes providing access to downtown San Diego and East County cities. 

What's New

I-805 Managed Lanes South Project: Final Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment with Finding of No Significant Impact

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