Modified Saltwater Proposal

Buena Vista Lagoon Enhancement Project Final EIR

Cover and Title

Changes Made to EIR 

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Description of Project Alternatives

Chapter 3: Environmental Analysis

3.1: Land Use/Recreation

3.2: Hydrology

3.3: Oceanography/Coastal Processes

3.4: Water and Aquatic Sediment Quality

3.5: Biological Resources

3.6: Geology and Soils

3.7: Cultural Resources

3.8: Paleontological Resources

3.9: Visual Resources

3.10: Traffic and Circulation

3.11: Air Quality

3.12: Global Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Sea Level Rise

3.13: Noise

3.14: Public Services and Utilities

3.15: Public Health and Safety

Chapter 4: Comparison of Alternatives

Chapter 5: Cumulative Impacts

Chapter 6: Other CEQA Considerations

Chapter 7: List of Preparers

Chapter 8: Agencies and Individuals Consulted

Chapter 9: Literature Cited

Chapter 10: Acronyms and Abbreviations


Appendix A: Public Scoping Information: Notice of Preparation, Comment Letters, and Transcript of Verbal Comments

Appendix B: Regulatory Setting

Appendix C: Fluvial and Tidal Hydraulics Report

Appendix D: Water Quality Analysis

Appendix E: Biological Resources Technical Report

Appendix F: Marine Biological Resources Technical Report

Appendix G: Cultural Resources Technical Report

Appendix H: Transportation Impact Study

Appendix I: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Technical Appendix

Appendix J: Noise Technical Appendix

Appendix K: Objective-Based Alternative Analysis

Appendix L: Limited Geotechnical Investigation

Appendix M: Bacteria and Nutrient Modeling Report

Appendix N: Technical Memorandum on Potential for Seiche

Appendix O: Inlet Trafficability Memorandum 

Appendix P: Public Comments on Draft EIR and Responses 

Appendix Q: Mitigation Monitoring and Report Program 

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