Who is the construction contractor for the project?
Flatiron Construction was the contractor for the Middle Segment and East Segment - Phase 1 (SR 76/I-15 Interchange). Ames Construction, Inc. (Ames) was the general contractor for the East Segment - Phase 2 (South Mission Road to SR 76/I-15 Interchange).  

When does Caltrans determine what properties need to be acquired for construction?
Caltrans determines specific properties that need to be acquired for a public project or program only after the project has been planned and government requirements have been met. All property acquisitions for the project are complete.

What is the construction schedule? 
Construction began January 2010 on the improvements to the SR 76 Middle Segment, which runs from Melrose Drive to South Mission Road. This segment was completed at the end of 2012. Construction began in late October 2012 on the improvements to the first phase of the SR 76 East Segment, which widened and upgraded the SR 76/I-15 interchange to help meet present and future traffic demands. Construction of the first phase was completed in August 2013. The second phase of the East Segment will widen the SR 76 roadway between the improved interchange to South Mission Road from a two-lane to four-lane conventional highway. Construction on the second phase of the project began in November 2014 and was completed in May 2017.