San Ysidro Rail Yard

The San Ysidro Freight Rail Yard is located in the community of San Ysidro, in the City of San Diego. The existing rail yard has been in its current location since the early 1900s, at the terminus of the freight line directly north of the US/Mexico border, east of the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) Trolley Blue Line and East Beyer Boulevard.

Due to the geographic constraints of Beyer Boulevard, the International Border, and Trolley line, the only viable option was to expand the rail yard to the east. The project added two new storage tracks, a new access road, and a paved area to improve circulation to load and unload rail cars. These improvements increase efficiency and expedite loading between freight cars and trucks.

The project extended the lead track, which makes it possible to construct larger trains within the yard without blocking the main line and without loss of time. The rail yard enhancements include storm drain upgrades and other improvements to address current drainage issues. 

Other Project Benefits

• The project replaced aging rail infrastructure
• Rail yard enhancements alleviated drainage issues
• The project expanded eastward into vacant, undeveloped land 
• Safety and security are enhanced by lighting and fence improvements

A related improvement project, the South Line Rail Freight Capacity Project, enables expanded freight operations to meet existing and future growth of freight rail in the region without interfering with San Diego Trolley service.

Project Manager 

Bruce Smith P.E., MBA
SANDAG Principal Engineer/Corridor Director
Phone: (619) 699-1907

Email: [email protected]