South Bay Bus Maintenance FacilityIntroduction

The South Bay Bus Maintenance Facility project was completed in November 2014. It expanded the previous Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) facility in the City of Chula Vista into a larger and more functional bus maintenance and operations base.

Previously, the parking and maintenance facilities were limited, which created challenges to maneuver buses and perform required fuel, service, and operational tasks. 

Other Project Benefits 

Through this project, the site was expanded to 10.6 acres. Facility enhancements included new administration and maintenance buildings, modifications to an existing maintenance building, a new bus wash facility, and additional bus parking. Once completed, the facility increased the maintenance capacity from 174 to 240 buses, including additional MTS contract service buses and new South Bay Bus Rapid Transit service buses. The expanded site also accommodates service trucks, relief cars, and staff vehicles.

Project Manager

G. Peter d'Ablaing, P.E.
SANDAG Senior Transportation Engineer
Phone: (619) 699-1906