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E-News Update: March 2019 (Posted 4/5/19)

E-News Update: February 2019 (Posted 3/6/19)

E-News Update: January 2018/Grand Opening & Community Celebration (Posted 2/6/19)

E-News Update: December 2018 (Posted 1/4/19)

E-News Update: November 2018 (Posted 12/3/18)

E-News Update: October 2018 (Posted 10/30/18)

E-News Update: September 2018 (Posted 9/28/18)

South Bay Rapid Launches Nonstop Service from Chula Vista to Downtown! (Posted 9/4/18)

E-News Update: August 2018 (Posted 8/31/18)

E-News Update: July 2018 (Posted 7/31/18)

E-News Update: June 2018 (Posted 6/29/18)

E-News Update: May 2018 (Posted 5/31/18)

E-News Update: April 2018 (Posted 4/30/18)

E-News Update: March 2018 (Posted 3/29/18)

E-News Update: February 2018 (Posted 2/28/18)

E-News Update: January 2018 (Posted 1/12/18)

E-News Update: September 2017 (Posted 9/15/17)

E-News Update: August 2017 (Posted 8/18/17)

E-News Update: July 2017 (Posted 7/26/17)

E-News Update: June 2017 (Posted 6/14/17)

E-News Update: May 2017 (Posted 5/18/17)

E-News Update: April 2017 (Posted 4/13/17)

E-News Update: March 2017 (Posted 3/17/17)

E-News Update: February 2017 (Posted 2/10/17)

News Clips

KUSI: Opening of the South Bay Rapid transit offers free rides (Posted 1/30/19)

CBS 8: MTS' new Rapid Bus Route from Otay Mesa to Downtown begins (Posted 1/30/19)

ABC 10: MTS launches new South Bay Rapid bus line to connect commuters to downtown San Diego (Posted 1/30/19) 

Fox 5: MTS launches South Bay Rapid line, opens Otay Mesa Transit Center (Posted 1/30/19)

NBC 7: South Bay MTS Bus Route Connects Otay Mesa POE to Downtown San Diego (Posted 1/30/19)

KUSI: New rapid bus service from Otay border to Downtown San Diego (Posted 1/30/19)

Fox 5: MTS to make changes to bus routes across San Diego (Posted 1/30/19)

The San Diego Union-Tribune: South Bay Rapid opens full service Sunday with free rides for a week (Posted 1/30/19)

Times of San Diego: New Rapid Bus Route from Otay Mesa to Downtown Debuts Sunday) (Posted 1/30/19)

The Star News: Ride like crazy for free for a week (Posted 1/30/19)

The Coast News Group: MTS changes 26 bus routes around San Diego County (Posted 1/30/19)

Fox 5: New Rapid commuter bus links South Bay to downtown (Posted 9/11/18)

KPBS: MTS Launches New Rapid Line in Chula Vista (Posted 9/11/18)

KUSI: MTS introduces new Rapid Route for South Bay San Diego (Posted 9/11/18)

The San Diego Union-Tribune: South Bay Rapid bus opens with limited service through early 2019 (Posted 9/11/18)

The Times of San Diego: MTS Launches New Rapid Line from Chula Vista to Downtown (Posted 9/11/18)

NBC 7: New Rapid Transit Connects South Bay to Downtown, Free Week of Rides (Posted 9/11/18)

CBS 8: South Bay Rapid: New Limited-Service Route Launches Today (Posted 9/11/18)

CW 6: South Bay Rapid: New Limited-Service Route Launches Today (Posted 9/11/18)

NBC 7: South Bay Rapid Limited-Service Begins (Posted 9/11/18)

KUSI: MTS Introduces New South Bay Rapid Route Which Features Fewer Stops (Posted 9/11/18)

Univision: Nueva Ruta De Autobus En La Calle East Palomar Hacia El Centro De San Diego (Posted 9/11/18)

ABC 10: South Bay Rapid: Bus service from east Chula Vista to downtown San Diego set to begin (Posted 8/31/18)

NBC 7: New Rapid Transit Connects South Bay to Downtown (Posted 8/30/18)

The San Diego Union-Tribune: Crews making progress on rapid transit project in South County (Posted 3/7/17)

The San Diego Union-Tribune: Next phase for South Bay Rapid begins (Posted 9/1/16)

The Sun Southwestern College: Palomar Road Construction Signals Sweeping Change for South Bay Transit (Posted 6/23/16)

Civil Engineering: Officials Break Ground On Bus Rapid Transit Route From San Diego to Tijuana (Posted 4/22/16)

Mass Transit: Officials Break Ground on New Transit Project for South County (Posted 3/14/16)

KPBS: Regional Leaders Break Ground On South Bay Rapid Bus Project (Posted 3/14/16)


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