Construction Notices

The Del Mar Bluffs Stabilization Phase 5 project is anticipated to begin in early 2024. Sign up for project updates - select "LOSSAN Rail" under Transit & Rail Projects.

Construction Activities

Solar Panel Flier (Posted 2/18/22)

Eblast: Upcoming Beach Work (Posted 9/3/21)

Flier: Upcoming Nightwork (Posted 7/6/21)

Flier: Upcoming Nightwork (Posted 6/29/21)

Postcard: Exploratory Geotechnical Work March 1-12 in the Cities of Del Mar and San Diego (Posted 2/23/21)

Eblast: Fourth Phase of Bluff Stabilization Completed (Posted 1/13/21)

Eblast: September in Review and Upcoming Activities (Posted 10/21/20)

Flier: Upcoming Absolute Work Window (Posted 10/2/20)

Eblast: Upcoming Absolute Work Window (Posted 9/29/20)

Eblast: August in Review and Upcoming Activities (Posted 9/10/20)

Eblast: Upcoming Beach Work for Del Mar Bluffs Stabilization (Posted 8/12/20)

Eblast: July in Review and Upcoming Activities (Posted 8/3/20)

Eblast: Upcoming California Coastal Commission Hearing (Posted 7/28/20)

Hearing Notice: California Coastal Commission (Posted 7/24/20)

Eblast: Bluff Stabilization Update at Del Mar City Council (Posted 7/16/20)

Eblast: June in Review and Upcoming Activities (Posted 7/9/20)

Eblast: Upcoming Night and Weekend Work  (Posted 7/7/20)

Eblast: Upcoming Coastal Commission Hearing and Nightwork (Posted 6/25/20)

Hearing Notice: California Coastal Commission (Posted 6/22/20)

Eblast: Upcoming Drainage Channel Work (Posted 6/11/20)

Eblast: May in Review (Posted 6/8/20)

Eblast: Drainage Channel Demolition Activities (Posted 5/20/20)

Eblast: Upcoming Drainage Work (Posted 5/7/20)

Eblast: Bluff Stabilization to Begin in Del Mar (Posted 4/30/20)

Postcard: Construction Starting Soon! (Posted 4/17/20)

Eblast: Night and Weekend Rail Work Planned for December 14-16 in Del Mar (Posted 12/12/19)

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