Protecting, Preserving, & Restoring Native Habitats

The Environmental Mitigation Program (EMP) provides funds through TransNet to protect, preserve, and restore native habitats as offsets to disturbance caused by the construction of regional and local transportation projects. As part of the $850-million countywide program, more than $250 million will be invested in the North Coast Corridor to preserve and enhance sensitive coastal habitat and improve coastal access. The following is a partial list of projects proposed or underway in the corridor.

  • Mackinnon Avenue Pedestrian/Bike Improvements (part of Manchester to SR 78 HOV Project): Mackinnon Avenue overcrossing will be replaced and widened to improve and enhance bike/pedestrian access to local schools, parks and the coast.
  • Hallmark Environmental Mitigation Project (part of I-5 Express Lanes Project): Nearly 20 acres of coastal habitat adjacent to the Agua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad have been preserved.
  • Ayoub Environmental Mitigation Project (part of I-5 Express Lanes project): More than 21 acres of coastal sage scrub habitat at the Batiguitos Lagoon in Carlsbad will be protected.
  • Laser Environmental Mitigation Project (part of I-5 Express Lanes project): Nearly six acres will be preserved to protect coastal sage scrub habitat and two breeding pairs of endangered California gnatcatchers.
  • San Elijo Lagoon Pedestrian Undercrossing (part of San Elijo Bridge Replacement Project): A north-south class 1 facility will be added across the San Elijo Lagoon as part of the replacement project.
  • San Dieguito Lagoon Restoration Project (part of I-5 Express Lanes and San Dieguito Double Track projects): More than 100 acres of native habitat will be restored at San Dieguito Lagoon in Carmel Valley.
  • Dean Family Trust Restoration Project (part of I-5/SR 56 Interchange Project): Approximately 23 acres of disturbed uplands will be restored in Carmel Valley.
  • Deer Canyon Restoration Project (part of a combination of highway and rail projects): A 31.4-acre property in Carmel Valley will be restored to riparian habitat to attract the endangered least Bell’s vireo.
  • Genesee Class 1 Bike Facility (part of I-5/Genesee Interchange Project): As part of the proposed Genesee project, a Class 1 bicycle facility will be constructed adjacent to southbound I-5 between Roselle Street and Voigt Drive, including a pedestrian overcrossing at Genesee Avenue.

Visit for a complete list of EMP projects underway in San Diego County.
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