Project Features

Rapid service is different than local bus service, operating more like the Trolley, which serves riders wishing to travel longer distances with fewer stops. Rapid stations will be uniquely branded and have a sleek, transparent, and contemporary design. The stations will include:

  • New shelters with Rapid branding
  • Digital displays announcing next vehicle arrival times
  • Security cameras for complete coverage in and around the stations
  • Overall pavement and drainage upgrades, including new or replaced street trees at some stations, and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant curb upgrades
  • Rapid vehicles also are uniquely branded to differentiate them from local bus services. All vehicles have low floors for easy boarding for all passengers, including those with disabilities.

Broadway Traffic Flow

The introduction of the Downtown Rapid Stations will improve the overall flow of traffic on Broadway. The stations will be located on separate blocks from local bus stations, reducing the possibility for “bus bunching” where multiple vehicles queue near one station and block through traffic. The addition of right-turn lane improvements at First Avenue and Broadway will improve overall traffic circulation.

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