Solo drivers can get FasTrak online or at Costco to use the I-15 Express Lanes, which provide 20 miles of flexible travel between State Route 78 in Escondido and State Route 163 in San Diego. It's easy! The toll is automatically deducted from your FasTrak account based on trip length and traffic in the lanes.

Opening a FasTrak account is simple.

To enjoy a more efficient and reliable commute, open your own FasTrak account online or at your local Costco.

Using FasTrak is simple.

Once you sign up for a FasTrak account, you will receive a transponder to attach to your windshield. (See picture to the right.) This transponder will automatically charge the correct toll to your account, based on trip length and traffic in the lanes. When you carpool, remove the transponder from your windshield and place it in the mylar bag provided to prevent being charged the toll.

Occasionally, overhead signs will display “HOV ONLY.” This message means the Express Lanes are opeating at capacity, and can only accommodate high occupancy vehicles (HOVs), transit vehicles, permitted clean air vehicles, and motorcycles. If you enter the Express Lanes when the message is displayed, you can be cited by the California Highway Patrol. If you enter the Express Lanes before the message is displayed, you can stay in the lanes to complete your trip.

More Information

If you have questions related to FasTrak, including how to use the Express Lanes or how to pay a toll, visit, view our list of frequently asked questions, contact the I-15 Express Lanes Customer Service Center, or call 511 and say “FasTrak.”
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