Mid-City Rapid is a high-speed, limited-stop transit service between San Diego State University and Downtown San Diego along El Cajon and Park boulevards. The ten-mile project provides North Park, City Heights, and College area residents, students, and workers with a fast and reliable way to get around in one of this region’s key transportation corridors.

After about a year of construction to build new shelters and street improvements, the new service launched as Rapid 215 on Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014.

Mid-City Rapid is one of the major corridor projects included in the TransNet Extension Ordinance approved by the voters in 2004. Rapid services are designed to provide higher-speed alternatives to local bus services in key arterial corridors, using a range of lower-cost signal priority treatments, improved station design, and limited station spacing to achieve faster travel times.

An Integrated Rapid Transit System: Mid-City Rapid and the SR 15 Mid-City Centerline Rapid Transit Project

The SANDAG Regional Transportation Plan envisions an integrated rapid transit network. Rapid 215 connects to Rapid routes 235 and 237 along Interstate 15 (I-15), linking Downtown San Diego and Mid-City to the job centers in Mira Mesa, Sabre Springs, Rancho Bernardo, and Escondido. The SR 15 Mid-City Centerline Rapid Transit Project will include two stations, one each at the El Cajon Boulevard and University Avenue ramps. Passengers will be able to easily transfer between Rapid 215 and I-15 routes.

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