Poinsettia Station Improvements

Poinsettia StationThe project will renovate the Poinsettia Station, located in the City of Carlsbad, to improve traveler wait times, provide easier access, reduce train delays, enhance pedestrian safety, and upgrade station amenities. Improvements include lengthening and elevating passenger platforms, installing a fence between the tracks within the station, replacing the existing at-grade rail crossings with a grade-separated undercrossing, and relocating existing tracks.

The new platform will be lengthened to 1,000 feet to accommodate longer trains, which can serve increased numbers of passengers. Raising the station platform to 15" will facilitate level boarding, allowing passengers to board quickly and easily. SANDAG and North County Transit District have been working closely with the Federal Railroad Administration to meet all federal platform height guidelines.

The undercrossing will feature stairways and ramps on both sides of the tracks. These features will be designed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)and will facilitate crossings for bicyclists and pedestrians. The inter-track fence also will prevent pedestrians from crossing the tracks. Station enhancements will include new shelters, signage, and updated lighting.

Other project improvements include two new rail crossovers. A crossover is an inter-track rail segment that allows passenger and freight trains to cross from one track to the other as needed. The first crossover will be built south of the station, and the second crossover will be built to the north of the station. Once the project is complete, trains can operate more efficiently,improving overall system reliability and on-time performance.

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